A Koine Greek Romance - Learn To Speak Biblical Greek

Check out this silly comic short that I recently made. Oh, and if you want to learn biblical Greek / Koine Greek online, then the Conversational Koine Institute is the place to do it. Check out the website and register for upcoming events and classes at www.ConversationalKoine.com.


Halcomb Interviewed About Teaching Students To Speak Koine Greek

learn to speak biblical greek
Today, my local city/county newspaper published a very nice, full-page interview about the Conversational Koine Institute.  The online version, which I assume most of you will read, seems small in comparison to the actual print version but in my view both are very nice and I'm thankful to have had this opportunity.  You can check out the online interview HERE (photo taken from the newspaper's website).  Thanks again, to the Jessamine Journal for sharing this.


Online Koine Immersion Event

Dear readers and lovers of Greek,
I want to share with you a limited-time opportunity. At the end of June CKI is host the first ever online weekend immersion workshop for Koine Greek taught by myself and Jordan Day. Currently we only have 3-4 spots left open. You can learn Greek online right from the comfort of your home or wherever you may happen to be at that moment. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam and you're good to go. Again, check out the flyer below. If you want to register, please click HERE. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Hope to see you there!


Kindle & Audio Versions of "The Path to Learning Greek" Now Available

learn to speak biblical greek
On the heels of yesterday's release of my fifth book, ἡ ὁδός: The Path to Learning Greek, I am happy to announce today that the Kindle version is now available.  You can get it by clicking HERE.  You can get the print version by clicking HERE.  Also, you can now get the audio to read/listen along with ἡ ὁδός by going to the GlossaHouse website HERE and scrolling to the bottom of the page to the relevant purchase link.


New Greek Book: ἡ ὁδός: The Path To Learning Greek

biblical greek online
Today I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book, co-authored with my friend Jordan Day, titled ἡ ὁδός: The Path To Learning Greek.  This book is an illustrated guide (all "in color"!) meant to help students on their journey toward learning and becoming fluent in ancient Koine Greek. It contains vocabulary terms that are immediately useful in daily life, a feature which helps ancient Greek come alive for learners. The illustrations are fun and the audio companion files (which can be purchased separately) also add the helpful dimension of sound; together these things engage a variety of senses, which assist students in internalizing the language more effectively. ἡ ὁδός: The Path to Learning Greek can function as a textbook or supplement to any ancient Greek class, Koine or Classical.  You can see a sample below and get your copy on Amazon.com HERE or via one of Amazon's distributors HERE.  You can get the audio via the GlossaHouse website (set to launch June 1st!) or, in the meantime, by contacting me by clicking HERE.

Check out what folks are saying about ἡ ὁδός:
“Wouldn't it be great to become fluent in Koine Greek, so that you could read and enjoy the New Testament in its original language? ἡ ὁδός, by Halcomb and Day, is a great way to start your journey toward that goal. Chock-full of everyday vocabulary that makes ancient Greek come alive, ἡ ὁδός will provide you with essential tools to help you immerse yourself in the language of the Greek Bible. I will be recommending this work to all my students.”
-Daniel R. Streett, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Greek and New Testament, Criswell College

“I have never reviewed a more fun book since I began reviewing books. ἡ ὁδός is extremely well done, accomplishes its purpose, and should be a fine supplement to any ancient Greek class, Koine or Classical.”
-N.E. Barry Hofstetter, M.A., Th.M.
Instructor of Classics, The American Academy

“A book such as ἡ ὁδός, making effective use of visual helps to internalize Ancient Greek, is long overdue. Lively, engaging, well-executed and conceived, this Rosetta-stone like resource will find a receptive audience hungry for creative alternatives for learning Ancient Greek. Learners at any level will benefit from the simplicity of the sentences reinforced by the pictures. The Greek is both authentic and well-structured for learning Greek as a Living Language. κύδος ὑμῖν.”
-Mark Lightman
M.A. Religious Studies, U.C.S.B


Secrets To Learning A Foreign Language

Hello friends.  I was recently interviewed, along with several others, about some of the keys or "secrets" to learning a foreign language.  Of course, much more was said during the course of the interview but they extracted a nice little chunk that fit the article's theme.  You can check out the interview, which is titled "Expert Secrets for Learning Foreign Languages" HERE.