An Interview with Dr. Ben Witherington, Pt. 2: The Bible & History

For those interested, here's the second part of the interview with Dr. Ben Witherington, III. In the course of this discussion we talk about the 3 Quests for the Historical Jesus, the Synoptic Problem, Israel (then and now), archaeology, prophecy, influential scholars, historical criteria, and much, much more. Check it out.


An Interview With Dr. Ben Witherington III, Pt. 1: The Bible & Its Difficulties

Hello Friends, I just wanted to quickly bring to your attention the first video interview in a series of interviews that I'm doing with Dr. Ben Witherington. The first one deals with the topic of The Bible & Its Difficulties. We get into things like inerrancy, authority, inspiration, difficult passages, etc. Check it out below. Enjoy!


Recent Interview With Pete Enns

Hi Friends,
I just wanted to draw your attention to a recent interview I did over at Pete Enns's site/blog. I share one of my major "Aha! Moments" as a Christian and Bible scholar. Check it out HERE.