Getting Greek: Paradigms & Charts App

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was planning to put out a 2nd app soon after the first one. So, just on the heals of releasing that first app, now, my 2nd one is available. The first app was a robust little tool that helped learners get acquainted with the Koine Greek alphabet through sight, sound, familiarization and memorization. This new app moves beyond the alphabet. Here, what we have are 30 of the most important Koine paradigms and charts that learners can use to assist them in getting a grip on how the Koine language works. Again, the App includes 30 paradigms and charts, which are as follows:

+ 1 Declension Nouns
+ 2 Declension Nouns
+ 3 Declension Nouns
+ Personal Pronouns
+ Demonstrative Pronouns
+ Relative Pronouns
+ Interrogative Pronouns
+ Indefinite Pronouns
+ Reflexive Pronouns
+ Definite Article
+ Adjectives
+ Perfect Active/ Middle/ Passive

+ Pluperfect Active
+ Aorist Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Present Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Imperfect Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Future Active/ Middle/ Passive
+ Present Subjunctive
+ Present Imperative
+ Present Infinitive/ Participle
+ Aorist Subjunctive
+ Aorist Imperative
+ Aorist Infinitive/ Participle
+ MI Verbs
+ Eimi & Oida
+ Prepositions
+ Conjunctions
+ Adverbs
+ Numbers
+ Principal Parts

The Getting Greek: Paradigms & Charts App is great for students, seminarians, professors, laypersons, pastors and ancient language-lovers alike. If you are interested in getting a better grasp on the Bible, particularly the New Testament in its original language--Koine Greek--then this App is for you!

You can purchase it on your phone or in the Android Market HERE. In the Android Market there are multiple screenshots and a brief video of the app in action. Check it out, get it and spread the word!


Getting Greek: Koine Alphabet App

This post is to announce the creation of my first phone app: The "Getting Greek: Koine Alphabet" App (but don't let the name fool you, there's over 50 Greek Vocab words included too!!!). The Getting Greek: Koine Alphabet App is a simple, yet, robust little app. The App contains:

- 24 uppercase letters of the Koine alphabet
- 25 lowercase letters of the Koine alphabet
- Audio for pronunciation of all Greek letters
- 50 Koine vocabulary words via audio
- 24 audio explanations of each Greek letter and its English equivalent
- Directions Index for how to use the App

The Getting Greek: Koine Alphabet App is user-intuitive as learners simply scroll through the alphabet by touching the screen and initiating the audio files by pushing 1 of 3 buttons (Pronounce, Examples, English). This App will be useful for seminary students, laypersons, pastors, professors and ancient language-lovers alike. You can see more about the App HERE in the Android Market, or by clicking the image-link below (which will also take you to the market), including screenshots and a brief introductory/How To video.

Of course, you can search the market on your phone as well! Also, I already have 2 more Koine apps in the works and hope to be done with at least one of those VERY soon, so, be on the lookout.


SBL 2011 Annual Meeting Sessions

This year's SBL Annual Meeting Program is now live (HERE). Really quickly, I just wanted to draw attention to a couple of sessions that I'll be participating in. I have added 2 snapshots of these sessions below. However, I do want to emphasize the lineup for the "Tipping Points" session I'm hosting. The panelists are:
  • Michael Bird (Bible College of Queensland)
  • Daniel Block (Wheaton College)
  • Ben Witherington, III (Asbury Theological Seminary)
  • Lynn Cohick (Wheaton College)
  • Sandra Richter (Wesley Biblical Seminary)
  • Marie Sabin (Bristol, ME)
Like I said, you can read more about both by clicking the images below. Hope to see you there!