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Recently, I was approached by some folks who oversee the theology/biblical studies journal Religious Studies Review (RSR), which is based out of Rice University, and was asked if I would join the editorial team. I gladly accepted the offer as a sub-editor and am now overseeing books related to the Gospels, particularly the Gospel of Mark. Part of what this means is that if you are someone interested in Markan studies and someone also interested in getting awesome books in exchange for writing reviews (and by the way, RSR's reviews are typically about 600 words in length!), then it would be great for us to be in touch. Of course, I can't promise everyone who approaches me a book and I can't promise that I can get you a book, but if the situation avails the opportunity, I can work to try to make it happen. Having said that, at present, I have three books sitting on my shelves that need to be reviewed. If you are interested in any of the following, do let me know asap and we'll try to get things squared away. You can contact me directly through the form found HERE.

* D.T. Roth: Metaphor, Narrative, and Parables in Q (WUNT 315)
* A. Wypadlo: Die Verklärung Jesu nach dem Markusevangelium (WUNT 308)
* Eds. Wischmeyer, Sim, and Elmer: Paul and Mark: Comparative Essays Part I Two Authors at the Beginnings of Christianity (BZNW 198)

***UPDATE** (11/18/14 at 9pm EST): The work Paul and Mark has now been claimed as has Metaphor, Narrative, and Parables in Q.



The Bible & Ministry: An Interview with Dr. Ellen Marmon

Here is a recent interview I did with Dr. Ellen Marmon on "The Bible & Ministry". It is such a blessing to know Ellen and fun to interview her. The interview, which was a real treat has us discussing things like missions, calling, ministry, gay marriage / homosexuality, etc. You will be blessed watching/listening to this. Oh, by the way...it is audio only set to a still frame photo. That shouldn't deter you though...seriously, you'll be blessed by Ellen's pastoral nature, witticisms, and insights. Enjoy!


An Interview With Dr. Ben Witherington, Pt. 5: The Bible & Ethics

Here is the fifth installment of my conversation with Ben Witherington in which we discuss Pacifism, Homosexuality, and more.


An Interview With Dr. Ben Witherington, Pt. 4: The Bible & Theology

Here is the fourth installment of my conversation with Ben Witherington in which we discuss Calvinism, Dispensationalism, the future of United Methodism, and more.