Kindle Version: Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms

Ancient Greek Grammar Terms
Hello readers, I just wanted to let you all know that the Kindle version of my latest book A Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms is now available.  You can get it HERE.  If digital books are not your thing you can also pick up the printed version HERE or HERE.


New Book: A Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms

Hello friends! I am pleased today to announce the release of my newest publication. The book is titled A Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms: Greek-English and English-Greek. This work is part of the "AGROS" series that is being produced by GlossaHouse, which is an up-and-coming Greek language/linguistics publisher (website to be launched soon). The Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms contains over 600 terms and is two-directional. Arranged in two parts, this means that you can search in the first part of the book by Greek terms and in the second part by English terms. Each entry contains ancient/primary sources where terms are attested. In addition, each entry also contains glosses and a brief note or example or explanation of what the grammatical term means or how it functions.  For anyone interested in Greek and/or English grammar, especially ancient Greek grammar, this book is for you.  The volume is 208pp. and is now on sale for $16.41. You can purchase the book through one of Amazon's distributors by clicking HERE. The book is also available on the main Amazon HERE.  A digital (Kindle) version is also in the works.


You're Invited to the Party! Conversational Koine Institute

Have you ever tried to learn Greek but just couldn't get it?  Did you feel confused and alone?  Well, then you can probably relate to the guy in this video.  But...consider this your invitation to overcome!  That's right, the Conversational Koine Institute extends an invitation for you to join the party, to come and learn ancient biblical / Koine Greek in a fun way and in an enjoyable atmosphere.  Now you can learn to speak biblical / Koine Greek  New classes begin soon (Tuesday, May 14th) but there's still a little bit of time to register.  You can do so by clicking the following link:  Register for the upcoming online Greek class with the Conversational Koine Institute.  Have questions first?  Click the link and shoot me an email.  I'd be glad to hear from ya!


How To Keep Your Greek After College or Seminary: Conversational Biblical Greek

Can you relate to Frank?  Well then you're not alone.  In fact there are a plethora of folks who can relate.

Indeed, for the many students who go through college or seminary taking Greek classes can seem daunting.  Part of the reason for that is because they've seen so many others do it and have little to no payoff.  Indeed, most of the pastors and preachers I know are incapable of engaging the Greek New Testament in any meaningful way.  Sure, they might own an interlinear that they crack open every now and then but ultimately that doesn't really add up to anything substantive.  In short, most preachers simply do not keep their Greek but rather they lose it.  Keeping up with one's biblical languages seems like an impossible task for many.  The weekly demands of the pastorate or the daily demands of family life and/or other types of jobs become reasons not to maintain the languages.  Well, the Conversational Koine Institute can offer a remedy to that.  How?

One of the great things about our online Greek classes is that they only require 1 hour a week.  There is NO homework either.  Yes, you read that correctly:  1 hour per week.  That's right 1 hour out of 168 hours (= the # of hours in a week) using the Conversational Koine Institute's approach will help you not only "keep" your Greek but make it much more robust.  In turn, this means that those seminary or college classes you took and the money you spent on them will not be for naught; they might actually keep paying dividends.

So, in addition to NO homework and only 1 hour per week, what else is so great about the Conversational Koine Institute?  Well, I could offer many items here but let me just give three.  First, you can do this all right from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer and internet connection.  Second, the cost is highly affordable.  While college and seminary classes cost you thousands of dollars, you can take a class with CKI right now*  for under $50.  Third, CKI has connected with people from around the world.  The Conversational Koine Institute has connected with students all over the United States, Canada, Russia, Brazil, India and more.  This brings a very nice diversity to the classroom and allows you to build relationships with others.  For more information check out the video above (if you haven't already) and then head on over to the Conversational Koine Institute (click HERE) where you can sign up for a class or event.

* (Spring/Summer 2013) Prices subject to change.


Learn Greek Online: Conversational Koine Institute

Learn Greek Online - Speak Biblical Greek
Do you have a busy schedule?  Do you wish there was a way that you could spend more time in texts like the Bible?  Do you wish that you could learn ancient Greek so that you could engage texts like the Greek New Testament more responsibility?  Or are you one of those folks who took ancient Greek years ago but somewhere along the way "lost it"?  Well, the Conversational Koine Institute has an answer for you!  Now you can learn Greek online from the comfort of your home.  You can begin to learn biblical Greek by investing just one hour per week.  Even more, you can learn biblical Greek online with others from all around the world.  All you need is a computer and internet connection and you're ready to go.  Whether you're a beginner or someone who's studied Greek in the past you can take Greek classes online and "Get Greek!"  Check out the following animated video for more details and then visit ConversationalKoine.com when you're done.


FREE App: Conversational Koine Institute

Hi friends, I wanted to briefly draw your attention to the Conversational Koine Institute's new app that is available for FREE on the Android market.  This is just another way that CKI, the institute that helps you "Get Greek!", wants to connect with you.  You can get the free app by clicking HERE and then navigating to the Android icon at the top of the page and selecting it.  The app has some free audio, a list of upcoming classes & events, links to various social media pages, an "about page," and in addition to other details, a contact form.  Now you can  learn about and get in touch with CKI right from your mobile device!  That's right, you can get informed about and connected with CKI, the institute that wants to help you learn to speak biblical Greek / Koine Greek, right from your phone.  Best of all, as I said above, the app is free and there is no cost to you.  Even more, it will be updated from time to time with various information and resources.  Go get your free app now and if you would, help spread the word.  Thanks!  (PS: For those of you not using the Android platform, I do not anticipate that this app will be available in other markets.  The Apple developer fee is just not worth paying and I don't have the time, finances, or abilities to learn the numerous other mobile platforms.) 


You Can Speak Koine Greek

Interested in learning Koine Greek? Well, now you can in a fun, laid back, and cost-effective way with a minimal weekly time commitment.  Check out our upcoming online classes and events HERE and register HERE. As the video below points out, you can begin learning to speak biblical Greek in just 1 hour a week (with no homework!):


Learn To Speak Koine Greek

Do you want to learn biblical Greek? Do you want to learn to speak Koine Greek? Well, find out how you can learn to speak Koine Greek by watching the video below. Enrollment for upcoming classes is now open, which you can learn more about HERE. We also have a weekend immersion event just on the horizon, which you can learn more about HERE. But first, check out this video: