FREE App: Conversational Koine Institute

Hi friends, I wanted to briefly draw your attention to the Conversational Koine Institute's new app that is available for FREE on the Android market.  This is just another way that CKI, the institute that helps you "Get Greek!", wants to connect with you.  You can get the free app by clicking HERE and then navigating to the Android icon at the top of the page and selecting it.  The app has some free audio, a list of upcoming classes & events, links to various social media pages, an "about page," and in addition to other details, a contact form.  Now you can  learn about and get in touch with CKI right from your mobile device!  That's right, you can get informed about and connected with CKI, the institute that wants to help you learn to speak biblical Greek / Koine Greek, right from your phone.  Best of all, as I said above, the app is free and there is no cost to you.  Even more, it will be updated from time to time with various information and resources.  Go get your free app now and if you would, help spread the word.  Thanks!  (PS: For those of you not using the Android platform, I do not anticipate that this app will be available in other markets.  The Apple developer fee is just not worth paying and I don't have the time, finances, or abilities to learn the numerous other mobile platforms.) 

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