New Book: A Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms

Hello friends! I am pleased today to announce the release of my newest publication. The book is titled A Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms: Greek-English and English-Greek. This work is part of the "AGROS" series that is being produced by GlossaHouse, which is an up-and-coming Greek language/linguistics publisher (website to be launched soon). The Handbook of Ancient Greek Grammatical Terms contains over 600 terms and is two-directional. Arranged in two parts, this means that you can search in the first part of the book by Greek terms and in the second part by English terms. Each entry contains ancient/primary sources where terms are attested. In addition, each entry also contains glosses and a brief note or example or explanation of what the grammatical term means or how it functions.  For anyone interested in Greek and/or English grammar, especially ancient Greek grammar, this book is for you.  The volume is 208pp. and is now on sale for $16.41. You can purchase the book through one of Amazon's distributors by clicking HERE. The book is also available on the main Amazon HERE.  A digital (Kindle) version is also in the works.

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