Seedbed at Asbury

C.K. Barrett Passes On

This came through on the Facebook feed of James Dunn this morning: "Hi everyone. You will be saddened to hear that Kingsley Barrett, my predecessor, died last night (6.30 pm, 26.08.11) - aged 94. He was the greatest UK commentator on NT texts since J. B. Lightfoot, and much loved by a wide range of Methodist chapels to which he ministered for about 60 years. He will be much missed, but his commentaries will live on for many years, providing information and insight to future generations of students of the NT." Though I never met Barrett, indirectly, he has had a profound influence on my life through Ben Witherington, my doctoral supervisor. I've heard Witherington say numerous times that we all stand up on the shoulders of the exegetes who came before us. Certainly, there are many of us who stand on Barrett's shoulders and are grateful for this scholar's life and work. Requiescat in pace.


Christians Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burnin'

I love this...simply phenomenal!!! The depth of faith and passion in this song/video are incredibly moving!


Getting Greek: Grammatical Glossary App

Just yesterday, I launched my 4th app (GG: Vocab) and today, I'm releasing my 5th, the Getting Greek: Grammatical Glossary App. The Getting Greek: Grammatical Glossary is a resource that contains over 150 grammatical terms. More specifically, these are terms that those working with theological languages should familiarize themselves with. Thus, while this is a "Getting Greek" project, not only do the grammatical terms apply to Koine Greek but this app was also created with an eye towards biblical Hebrew/Aramaic, French & German as well. This will be a helpful resource for clergy, laypersons, teachers, students, professors, seminarians, grammarians and ancient language-lovers alike. Get it for .99 cents and tell your friends about it! You can see screenshots, watch a promo video and download it in the Android Market. While you're at it check out my other apps as well! (1. Koine Alphabet, 2. Koine Paradigms/Charts, 3. Koine Word Roots, 4. Koine Vocab).


Getting Greek: Vocab App

On the heels of my 3 previous Koine apps (Alphabet, Paradigms/Charts, Word Roots), I'm pleased to announce the release of my 4th app: Getting Greek: Vocab. This nifty and robust little app contains an estimated 1,500 Koine words. It can function as a flashcard system or a lexicon. It has both Greek and English indices. And best of all, it is only .99 cents!!! The Getting Greek: Vocab App is user-friendly, user-intuitive and useful for clergy, laypersons, teachers, professors, students, seminarians and ancient language-lovers alike. You can watch a preview video, check out several screenshots and get the app in the Android Market. So, go get it and while you're at it, tell your friends.


Getting Greek: Word Roots App

My third app has been released, namely, the Getting Greek: Word Roots App. The Getting Greek: Word Roots App is a ligthweight yet powerful little app that assists Greek learners in mastering Koine Greek word roots. The app itself contains over 150 word roots. Along with each Koine root, English definitions are given as well as mnemonic devices. The aim of this app is to help students of Koine build their vocab, increase their speed in both word recognition and reading, get familiar with the fact that Koine words typically go through a process of formation, and also to get motivated to dig deeper into Koine Greek. Word roots are arranged alphabetically and the interface is very user-intuitive. Best of all, it is only 99 cents!!! This is a great resource for students, seminarians, laypersons, clergy, pastors, professors and ancient language-lovers alike. You can get it on your phone or in the online Android Market where you can find more screenshots, details and watch a video of the app in action! You can also see my other Koine Greek apps in the Android Market or read about them HERE (Paradigms & Charts App) and HERE (Koine Greek Alphabet App).