Getting Greek: Grammatical Glossary App

Just yesterday, I launched my 4th app (GG: Vocab) and today, I'm releasing my 5th, the Getting Greek: Grammatical Glossary App. The Getting Greek: Grammatical Glossary is a resource that contains over 150 grammatical terms. More specifically, these are terms that those working with theological languages should familiarize themselves with. Thus, while this is a "Getting Greek" project, not only do the grammatical terms apply to Koine Greek but this app was also created with an eye towards biblical Hebrew/Aramaic, French & German as well. This will be a helpful resource for clergy, laypersons, teachers, students, professors, seminarians, grammarians and ancient language-lovers alike. Get it for .99 cents and tell your friends about it! You can see screenshots, watch a promo video and download it in the Android Market. While you're at it check out my other apps as well! (1. Koine Alphabet, 2. Koine Paradigms/Charts, 3. Koine Word Roots, 4. Koine Vocab).

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