So, I tried my hand at blogging a couple of years ago but after offering a few entries, I found that I was unable to devote as much time to it as I had wanted to. Therefore, I put blogging on hold. Now, I’ve decided to enter back into the blogosphere and give it another try.

About Me: I am currently serving as the preaching and teaching minister at Sadieville Christian Church and am a full-time student at Asbury Theological Seminary. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at Kentucky Christian University (Double Major/Minor in: Biblical Studies & Youth & Family Ministries/ Preaching) in 2003. I finished my MDiv at Lexington Theological Seminary in 2006, will finish my Master’s in Biblical Studies this fall (at Asbury) and a Master’s in Intercultural Studies in the summer of 2008. I hope to get my PhD in Biblical Studies some day.

I am interested mainly in New Testament Studies. In particular, I am drawn to Pauline and Apocalyptic Studies and as a member of The Context Group I value the use of the Social Sciences as interpretive tools. As for blogging, I hope to form relationships with other Biblio-bloggers and participate in some of the good, fruitful discussions that promise to take place.

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