A Prayer On Prayer: Towards A Theology Of Prayer, Pt. 20

O Lord, in this moment of slowing down, I seek Your presence.
What is it O God, that is welling up in Your heart?
I must know!
What is it O God, that You desire?
I will wait Lord, I'll do whatever it takes, to know these things.
And I will move Lord, when You vulnerably open up to me.
You have shared before and I have failed.
You have opened up before and I have closed You off.
Forgive me O God and open Your wounded Spirit to me again.
Lord, would You take a risk on me? Would You?
Holy Spirit, could You hover over me?
I seek Your presence because to me, it is the only necesarry thing.
With the hope of pleasing and glorifying You God, I seek Your presence.
As You seek me, may we know one another's deepest desires.
Creator of breath & thought,
Does it fascinate You like it fascinates me that,
When I speak to You or think to You,
Breathing and thinking have come full circle?
Thank You for Your moments of presence God.
I love You God.
I wait.

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