Open Theists Mourn

I accidentally stumbled upon this today but on his website last week, Dr. Thomas Jay Oord shared a letter from the ever-influential Dr. Clark Pinnock. I saw and met Pinnock a couple of years ago in Cincinnati at the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference and have read many of his books. I remember him saying near the end of the conference, during a Q&A session: "Well, my time is almost up. Besides, the young scholars need their 10 minutes of fame, too." As a young scholar, Pinnock has been theologically influential in my life and has challenged my thinking and spirituality on many fronts. I am indebted to him in a number of ways. I mourn with the Open Theists at the words and results of this email shared with Dr. Oord by Pinnock.

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Dear Tom and John:

I want to inform you that I am now middle stage Alzheimer’s. I will not be able to do my writing etc. I am 73 years now, and I've enjoyed my biblical three score and ten. I am not bitter. I have had a good life. I'll meet you over Jordan if not before.

You are free to make this news known.

With love,

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This is SAD news indeed. For a nice write-up about Pinnock, see Oord's site HERE.

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