Aramaic Quiz (Daniel 2 Vocab)

In preparation for my upcoming final exam for my Aramaic class, I have been using some modules I've created to help me study and I thought I'd share them. Here's one of them (also being added to GettingAramaic). This is a quiz over the vocab (verbs) of Daniel 2. It is highly interactive. It keeps track of your correct answers and incorrect answers, gives you your grade percentage and allows you to print off your results. Pretty nifty! (*Note that it is an .exe file. Therefore, on some machines that have virus programs, when you attempt to open it, it will tell you that it has a virus. IT DOES NOT HAVE ONE! I would not upload stuff w/my name on it that contained something of that nature. Anyway, it is free to use. Download it by clicking on the screenshot.) This will also be added to the GettingAramaic website.

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