My Birthday Gift To You: $5 Off On My New Testament Polyglot

So, today is my birthday...the big 31!  To celebrate, I want to be the gift-giver!  I am giving you a $5 off coupon on Vol. 1 of my New Testament Polyglot!!!  This is only going to last for 1 week (until next Saturday) or until the first 25 people use the coupon, so, head on over and get your copy asap! Here's how you do it:

1.  Click the following link:  NT Polyglot
2.  Click the "Add to cart" button
3.  In the "apply code" section, type (or copy/paste) the following code:  FLXB6R2C
4.  Hit the "apply code" button
5.  Enter your info, place your order, checkout

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