Underground In Jerusalem: The Sanhedrin

Today was either my favorite or next to favorite day here in Jerusalem thus far.  Part of that was because studying Greek was so enjoyable (albeit intense) and part of it was because I got to explore more of ancient Jerusalem's underground world.  In fact, I think that my favorite or again, next to favorite, site that I've seen so far was the spot where the Sanhedrin met to carry out their vicious plot against Jesus.  This morning at about 8am Jerusalem time, I was sitting underground with a group of New Testament lovers reading the Gospel account of Jesus' night-time trial.  Of course, this is in all four Gospels but we were reading Matthew's narrative (Mt. 26.57-68).  I don't know if it was the lighting, being underground, or that the story is so scandalous in and of itself that got me--perhaps all of them!--but it was totally cool reading this story in the original language and then interpreting and discussing it in Greek too.  Quite amazing.  

I don't need to go into an essay on the Sanhedrin, certainly, you can find a lot of that data quite easily.  But I did want to share some of my photos (especially the panorama), because the place is just awesome!  So, below are some pictures I took this morning.  Enjoy!

(This is a panoramic shot I took of my Greek colleagues reading/discussing the Sanhedrin events, in one of the likely spots where the Sanhedrin met and brought accusations against Jesus.)

(This, as you can see, is just a picture of an ancient column in the meeting place.  I thought it was very cool, which is why I'm sharing it.)

(And here is a snapshot of me, reading Matthew's account and discussing it.  What a great time!)

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