NOT Voting: A Christian Perspective, Pt. 10

As I continue this series on NOT voting, I offer here my next point:

Point #10: Even politicians abstain from voting at times.

I bring up this point because I realize that this series in general has the potential to offend many groups.  Historically African Americans and women have had the ability to vote withheld from them and suggesting not to vote could be viewed as me taking for granted my privileges and overlooking their struggles.  Legal immigrants, those who have worked hard to become American citizens and who have been granted the ability to vote, might also have a similar sort of feeling.  Just as well, there are many who believe that those who have served in the military could be offended.  The notion here is that they risked life and limb so others could live freely and vote.  I might also bring up convicted felons here, those who have had their rights to vote stripped from them.  Not casting a ballot might be controversial enough, but encouraging others to consider the same course of action can seem very offensive to some.

However, I believe that in addition to the other 9 posts I've already written in this series, my 10th point here is especially apropos.  Let me give a few examples.  Back in April when the "Buffet Rule" was up for discussion and Obama wanted to impose a high tax on the super-rich, four political officials did NOT cast a vote.  Another example of this took place back in June when the "Disclose Act," the "act" that reveals where election funds have come from and gone to, was up for consideration.  Once again, four political figures did NOT cast a vote.  I should reiterate point #10 here, namely, that even politicians abstain from voting at times for various reasons.  Part of the political system is the understanding that voting is NOT a requirement but rather a choice.

Here are a few more examples.  In the recent past, a number of senators did NOT vote when the "Dream Act" came up for discussion.  This is the "act" that seeks to provide "Development, Relief, and Education to Alien Minors."  Also in the recent past when amendments to the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations" motion came up in congress, some did NOT vote.  Way back in January of 2012 when the "Stock Act" came up in the senate, five officials did NOT vote.  When discussions about amendments to a national defense bill and the detainment of terrorists came up for discussion a number of months ago, once again, a number of political leaders did NOT vote.

Now, I know their may not be anything especially "Christian" about the nature of this post other than the fact that I am a Christian who is writing it.  Still, I believe the main point here remains:  Citizens should not feel pressured to vote or feel as if they are somehow squandering their privilege or being lazy by not fulfilling some politically mandated requirement.  Indeed, there are many times and many cases when and where politicians themselves do NOT vote.  There are also many reasons as to why they choose not to vote in specific circumstances.  While they may or may not choose to vote for the president, that same choice is afforded to you as an American citizen.  And in keeping with good politics and the nature of our political system, as I have stated all throughout this series, I am enacting my right NOT to vote in this election.  Why?  Because I as a Christian do not believe either of the candidates are worthy of my ballot!

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