Free Biblical Studies & Theology Journals

I just wanted to let everyone know, especially in the case that you had not yet heard, that there's just over two weeks left to access thousands of biblical studies articles from academic journals.  The provider, Sage, is putting on this great event (as they do once every year), which gives folks free access to read and download articles from journals such as the following:

  • Irish Theological Quarterly
  • Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture
  • Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies
  • Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses
  • Theology
  • Theology Today
  • Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology
  • Social Compass
  • Currents in Biblical Research
  • Feminist Theology
  • Journal for the Study of the New Testament
  • Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
  • Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha
  • Studies in Christian Ethics
  • The Expository Times
You can gain access to these journals by creating a free account with Sage and then logging in HERE.  You can also access some other great journals within Sage for free by clicking HERE.  Happy reading!

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