New Biblical/Ancient Languages Publisher

Learn Koine Greek
Hello everyone, I wanted to share the news with you today that a new biblical/theological and ancient languages publisher, GlossaHouse, has officially launched its website. GlossaHouse states that it has the "vision of creating innovative Greek resources to help students and researchers advance in the language." Right now, the focus is Greek resources, particularly the AGROS series, but GlossaHouse is open to publishing resources for other languages. You can read about GlossaHouse, its current resources, and get in touch with the publisher at www.GlossaHouse.com. In addition, I'd like to mention that GlossaHouse has started the first ever Ancient Greek Honor Society, which is known as ΓΡΚ (Gamma Rho Kappa). Again, check this and more out at www.GlossaHouse.com.

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