New Book: "Kingdom Rhetoric: New Testament Explorations..."

Hello friends.  Today I am pleased to announce the publication and release of a new volume I have edited titled Kingdom Rhetoric: New Testament Explorations in Honor of Ben Witherington III.  The book will likely be available for purchase some time this week.  I believe there are plans for an ebook version as well.  I'll share those details when they become available.  So, what is Kingdom Rhetoric about?  Well, as the subtitle indicates, it consists of ten explorations (essays) which span the breadth of the New Testament.  Maybe I should just share what's written on the back cover, so, here it is:

"This book, written to honor Ben Witherington III, is a collaborative effort from the New Testament department at Asbury Theological Seminary.  Essays are offered by five New Testament faculty and five New Testament students who have completed or are currently in the process of completing the PhD program.  it is our hope that readers of this volume, which is divided into five sections and covers the breadth of the New Testament canon, will be encouraged in their own explorations and research of the New Testament, much as Ben has encouraged us. 
For those who know Ben, they will know the last year or so has been quite a difficult one for him and his family.  On Wednesday, January 11, 2012, Christy Ann, the daughter of Ben and Ann, passed on unexpectedly.  Today, there exists a scholarship fund in Christy's name, The Christy Ann Witherington Scholarship Fund, at Asbury Theological Seminary, and readers should be aware that 100 percent of the proceeds from this book will go to that scholarship fund to assist female students in Asbury's biblical studies program."
Contributors to the volume include:  David R. Bauer, Joseph R. Dongell, T. Michael W. Halcomb, Craig S. Keener, Robert Brian Kidwell, Susann Liubinskas, Fredrick J. Long, Jason A. Myers, Judith Odor, and Ruth Anne Reese.

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