When Bible-Thumpin' Is Hilarious!!!

Growing up in the Bible Belt, the terms "Bible Thumper" or "Bible Thumpin'" are heard often.  They're typically used in a negative way to describe a so-called Christian who is a legalistic moralist or someone who just goes over-the-top in their approach to preaching or evangelism.  But in the video below, which is a voice mail where one co-worker who is leaving a message for another, gets interrupted by a car wreck.  In a sudden twist of events, he sees an old lady exit her car and literally begin "Bible Thumpin"", that is, hitting a an over the head with her Bible.  The guy on the phone says, "She picked this Bible up and she lifted it way over her head...It was a hard-backed NVI version..."  You get the idea.  But listen to this hilarious call for yourself...you have to.

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