FREE eBook: "Arminianism FAQ"

Over at the Seedbed website you can get a free ebook by the esteemed Roger E. Olson titled Arminianism FAQ: Everything You Always Wanted To Know. I just downloaded my free copy and it looks great! The subtitle may be stretching the scope a bit as it only covers 19 topics and clocks in at 25 pages, but hey, it's free, and it's written by an excellent scholar. Here's an overview of the contents:

1: What is classical Arminianism?
2: Is Arminianism a sect or denomination?
3: Why identify a theology with a man’s name? Why not just be Christians?
4: Why is there a rising interest in Arminianism? Why have blogs and books about a “man-made theology”?
5: Isn’t there a middle ground between Calvinism and Arminianism?
6: What’s the difference between Arminianism and
7: Does Arminianism include belief in absolute free will? If so, how could God have inspired the authors of Scripture?
8: Doesn’t Arminianism rob God of his sovereignty?
9: Doesn’t Arminianism lead to Open Theism?
10: Can an Arminian resolve the mystery of divine foreknowledge with Molinism?
11: Doesn’t Arminianism imply that the decisive element in salvation is the sinner’s free decision to accept Christ, thereby giving saved persons permission to boast of partially meriting their salvation?
12: Doesn’t Arminianism lead to liberalism in theology?
13: Is the first principle of Arminianism free will?
14: How does Arminianism explain Romans 9?
15: Why are there no Arminian spokespersons, great preachers, or leaders, like John Piper, John McArthur, R. C. Sproul, Matt Chandler, et al.?
16: What makes a person an Arminian?
17: Where is prevenient grace taught in Scripture?
18: Doesn’t classical Arminianism really say the same thing as Calvinism when it comes to the sovereignty of God?After all, if God foreknew everything that would happen and created this world anyway, wasn’t he foreordaining everything simply by virtue of creating?
19: Can an Arminian explain the few crucial ideas that distinguish Arminianism from Calvinism for non-scholars?

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