Discussing Ancient Greek: 3 Conference Presentations in April

For those who follow this blog, I wanted to give an update on three upcoming conference presentations I'll be giving in April (2015). Two of them are in Indiana and one of them is in Kentucky. I have included the titles and locations below. 

"All The Small Things: Some Thoughts on the Usefulness of Rod Decker's Baylor Handbooks"
(NB: I'll be both presenting and chairing the Scholar's Roundtable where, as a sort of tribute and scholarly discussion combined, we'll be considering the late Rod Decker's two volumes on Mark's Gospel in the Baylor Handbook series. This will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference, Indianapolis (Apr., 10, 2015)).

"Do You Know Greek? Hebrew? Latin?: Exploring Multilinguality in the Ancient World"
(Annual Meeting of the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference, Indianapolis, Apr., 10, 2015).

"Modern Linguistics and Ancient Languages: Considerations for the Recovery of Ancient Pronunciation(s) of Greek"
(Asbury Theological Seminary, Gamma Rho Kappa: Greek Honor Society Meeting, Apr., 21, 2015)

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