Awarded Teaching Position At Cornerstone University

I just recieved an email from the Faculty Services department at Cornerstone University that I have been awarded a teaching position in the PGS (Professional & Graduate Studies) program there. The position offers placement in the accelerated program and is a bit different from the typical day-to-day course schedule. The official title is "Adjunct Faculty" so, this is not a tenured position but still, I'm very excited about the opportunity to get some classroom experience. Upon taking the job, some of the courses (among others) that I'd teach are:

* Principles of Biblical Studies
* Inductive Study of Ephesians
* Interpretive Analysis of Old Testament Literature
* Gospel Literature (emphasis on Mark) Yay!!!
* Mosaic Literature
* Christian Doctrine


  1. Congratulations! Pass on my greetings to Doug Mohrmann (and try to persuade him to come to more Midwest SBL meetings)!

  2. Congrats, Michael. That is some awesome news!

  3. Congratulations--and by the way,
    I was out of the country last year and didn't follow up; but you'll have to come down to Manhattan, KS, and presented a paper for us this year Oct 16-17. We'll be sending out email announcements soon.

  4. Yeah. Great. This will give you some teaching experience & that'll be good.

  5. James, Rod, Rafael, Bill and Brian, Thanks a lot. I appreciate it!

  6. Mark,
    Thanks man! I'll def. mark those dates on my calendar. I'll look for your email soon!

  7. Craig,
    Good to hear from you buddy, I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the remarks.

  8. Congratulations. I've found teaching to be a very interesting field. :)

  9. Great news! Congrats. What does this mean for the PhD stuff?

  10. Scott,
    Thanks. Everything is yet to be determined! It's just good to know right now that I have options!!! With one of the schools I've been accepted to, there is the possibility of being able to do both; more on that later. Thanks again and good hearing from you.