Update On My Life & Pisteuomen

Prior to the first of this year, I had been blogging for about a year and a half. In that time period, I never missed a day of updating Pisteuomen. However, with the advent of 2009, a few things changed and in many ways, I had to temporarily cut back on my blogging activities. While I plan to write a post some time in the near future with more specifics, here, I just want to be quite general as to what's been going on in my life.

First of all, just before the advent of 2009 (December 2008) I was quite busy on a number of projects. I was filling out PhD applications, finishing up two conference papers and doing my ministerial duties. As January rolled around, the motherboard on my computer melted and I had to get it replaced; this led to a nearly 2-week hiatus.

Second of all, when I recieved my computer back in mid-January, I needed to finish my two papers for the conferences immediately. This meant a 3-4 week leave from blogging.

Third of all, at the end of January, I started my own logo/web design business. Things have been going GREAT so far! This is not easy, however and drumming up business is quite a consuming task

Fourth of all, I have been interviewing with a local university to teach biblical studies. I should find out in a few days if I will get hired or not.

Fifth of all, I have been accepted to a number of PhD programs and am still waiting to hear back from a few before I make my final decision. This is an incredibly important decision as it will determine much of my future (both immediate and distant).

Sixth of all, I have been contacted recently by a number of reputable journals to write some reviews and whatnot for them. This too, takes time.

Seventh of all, I will begin working with a new German tutor this week...once again, time consuming.

Eighth of all, as many of you know, the wife and I are adopting. At this point everything is complete from our side. Now, we're just waiting for a court date, a child referral and to fly to Ethiopia to pick up our baby.

There are some other things I could list but that is enough for now. Needless to say, I have been incredibly busy and to be honest with you, I miss blogging. I plan to start back on a more consistent basis at the beginning of March; I'm hoping this works out! I plan on posting another update soon and hope to be sharing some exciting news with you then. Thanks to everyone for reading Pisteuomen and for encouraging me. I hope to be interacting with my readers again on a more consistent basis in the near future.


  1. was wondering where you had been. congrats on being so closing to finishing the adoption! i hope everything continues to go smoothly!!

  2. You live traffic feeder thingy is a liar! It says I'm from Auckland and I most definitely am not. That's almost as much an insult as it is to say I'm from Australia!

  3. Michael, glad to hear that you've been busy. I hope you get into a good Ph.D programme.

    (Don't let the skinny kiwi chick bug you, she's always cranky).

  4. Pap, Thanks a lot. I'll be up and running soon.

    Steph, that's quite funny.

    Michael, good to hear from you. I've been accepted to a number of good programs, now is the tough part...making the decision. I'll certainly post more about it soon.

  5. H&GR,
    Thanks a lot. I appreciate the comments.

  6. You're a busy man. Bonne chance with your projects!