Ken Ham's National Address (Tonight)

Tonight, it's not the nation's president that will be giving the "State of the Nation" address, nope, that job is reserved for none other than the creation museum's president: Ken Ham. The message is titled "The Collapse of Christian America" (no presuppositions there, eh?). Anyway, click the banner to find out how to watch the broadcast:


  1. Michael,
    C'mon. Leave Ken Ham alone. He is Australian ya know!

  2. Brotha Bird...I wasn't really picking on him...I just thought some people might be interested in hearing his address. I just found the "red/white/blue" ad mixed with the title "Christian America" to be unfounded and loaded with presuppositions (though, I must admit from a designer's standpoint, that star logo was pretty cool looking). I'd agree less with Mr. Ham about "Christian America" and more with Greg Boyd about there never being such a thing. That said, I actually find myself in agreement with a bit of what Mr. Ham proclaims. And by the way, you'd think that if they were going to cloak him in red/white/blue and use the "America" theme, they surely could have done some kind of play on his Abe Lincoln look.

  3. Anyone want to take a bet that Ham's solution to the "real" problem in America is that we do not read Genesis literally enough?

  4. Scott, I don't know dude, I think the solution might have something to do with dinosaurs...which isn't totally unrelated to your comment. So, if Obama flys in on AirForceOne do you think Ham will ride in on a T-Rex?

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  6. jacob, doesn't seem to secret if you have a website, books, a blog, etc.

    i think i'll pass on looking at all of that.