PhD in Biblical Studies: First Semester Courses

So, my first semester of PhD coursework is fast approaching and the schedule seems quite rigorous to me (not least because it's steeped in OT studies). Keep in mind that somewhere in the middle of this I will be flying to Kansas to present a paper, then voyaging over to Ethiopia to pick up my son and then, hopefully, getting to go to SBL (we'll see about that last one!). On top of the course load, I also have to pass the German Competency Exam by the end of the first semester. Anyway, here's the course information (click the pic to go to the prof's bio):

OT 820: Research Methods in OT Interpretation (Dr. Bill Arnold): Tues/Thur. 4p-5:15p

BS 820: Seminar on the History of Biblical Interpretation (Dr. Lawson Stone): Wed. 1p-3:45p

CD 820: Instructional Theory & Development (Ken Boyd): Fri. 9a-11.45a


  1. Sounds like it will be a fun (and busy) semester. I don't know much about Bill Arnold, except that we used his (with Choi) A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, which I thought was a nice and concise grammar.

  2. Michael,

    For your two OT classes, or at the very least the seminar, pick up James Kugel's "How to Read the Bible" and read it before class starts in the fall.

    It will give you a good head start and overview of biblical scholarship pertaining to most major issues in the Hebrew Bible.

  3. Brandon,
    Yes, it's going to be interesting for sure. The Arnold/Choi book was incredibly helpful in my Hebrew courses; Arnold's a respected scholar.

    I'll see if I can get ahold of it, thanks.