1 Dozen Books Giveaway

A couple of days ago, for my birthday, I gave away a couple of books and had such a good time doing it that I decided another giveaway was in order. This time, however, I'm giving away 12 books which have a value of nearly $150 (well, 13 actually but that's because there are 2 copies of the same book included). The titles of the books and a picture of the "pile" can be viewed below.

To enter to win the free books, all you have to do is point back to this website. There are at least four ways to do this: 1) If you are on Twitter, announce the giveaway with the hashtag #pisteuomen , 2) If you are on Facebook, mention this site in your status or in a note, 3) If you have a website or blog, just do a quick post pointing to this site, or 4) Join the blog network via Facebook, here's the link: "Join / Follow". At the end of the week, someone who did one of these four things will be chosen and the book will be delivered to them.

* Just Another Girl (Fiction)
* Dearest Dorothy, If Not Now, When? (Fiction)
* Burnt Orange (Fiction)
* Courageous Past, Bold Future: The Journey Toward Full Clergy Rights For Women In The United Methodist Church (Non-Fiction)
* Finding Balance: Loving God With Heart & Soul, Strength & Mind (Devotion)
* 40-Day Journey (Devotion)
* Making Love Last A Lifetime: Biblical Perspectives on Love, Marriage & Sex (Non-Fiction)
* Parenting, The Early Years: 10 Biblical Traits Your Kids Will Remember You For (Non-Fiction)
* Women At Risk (Non-Fiction)
* Live the Light: Five Weeks To A Life That Shines (Devotion)
* Beginning To Belong (2 copies; Small Group Leader Manuals)
* Embracing Grace (Companion Guide; Devotion)

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