The Monopolization Of Seminary On A Life (seminaryscholarship.com)

If we were to count my undergrad work at a Bible College as seminary, then add to that my MDiv and MABS degrees and now a PhD, by the time I am done with that PhD, I will have been in seminary a total of 12 1/2 - 13 years. That's more years in seminary than in primary and secondary (elementary - high) school!!! Or, to put it differently, out of my 29 years of living so far, just about 25 of them have been spent in school! Sometimes I wonder if it's my calling to be a lifelong seminary student?

Regardless, seminary has had its ups and downs; it has been challenging and rewarding. Still, one thing that cannot be ignored is the COST!!! I'm not even talking about the cost you must pay in terms of a lack of sleep, how much time it costs or even the expense it takes on your personal and family life. I'm talking mainly about the financial cost; seminary can be incredibly expensive. My BS degree was $40,000, my MDiv was about $40,000, my MABS was about $20,000 and my PhD will be around $75-80,000. Add that up and you're close to $200,000 in education.

As you can imagine, I've had to take out a great deal of student loans. Some people wonder why in the world I keep doing this if it's so expensive? You don't have to do all of this to be a preacher do you? Well, no, you don't. But my goal is not to be a preacher in a pulpit, necesarrily. Instead, I want to be a professor and an author who can help shape and educate the preachers that will fill pulpits and other teaching, speaking and writing venues. That is why I'm doing this! And even on a smaller level, that's why I started this blog: to help educate believers and provide them with biblical research and resources.

In the end, while seminary has had sort of a monopoly on my life, I still love it. And I would be incredibly grateful to recieve the scholarship from SeminaryScholarship.com to help put a little dent in next semester's costs! With a working wife who is trying to support me and two children, every little bit of help goes a long way. So, SeminaryScholarship.com if you can help, that'd be great.

Now, to have a little fun, check out the new SeminaryScholarship.com monopoly board I've created. (Click the arrows in the bottom left corner to turn the board.)

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