My 2010 Papers, Presentations, Etc.

Here's the list (so far...I have two more opportunities lined up but which have not been solidified just yet) of papers, presentations, etc. I'm giving or participating in this year:

02.13.10: Valparaiso University - Midwest Region SBL: “All Things to All People: Rethinking the Social Context of a Pauline Axiom”

03.22.10: Asbury Theological Seminary – Biblical Studies Seminar: “1 Cor. 9.19-23: A Different Point-of-View”

04.08.10: Richfield, OH – Eastern Great Lakes Bible Society:
1) “A Martyr’s Praise: A Socio-Rhetorical Reading of Ignatius’ Letter to the Philadelphians”
2) “Getting Your First Publication: From One Student to Another” (Also chairing the panel for this session)

04.09 - 10.10: Cincinnati Christian University – Stone-Campbell Journal Conference:
1) “Rethinking Jesus' Death: Mark's Narrative in Mediterranean Context” (Also chairing the panel for this session)
2) “An Exploration into the Aramaisms of Mark's 'Strange' Gospel"

06.30.10 - 07.24.10: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Evangelical Theological College: “Exegesis of the Gospel of Mark” (Teaching a 1-month long intensive course)
Mekanisa Addis Kidan Church: "A Survey of Mark's Gospel"

09.24.10: Asbury Theological Seminary - Biblical Studies Seminar: "Fostering Biblical Scholarship"

10.08.10: Manhattan, KS - 5th Annual Western Fellowship of Professors & Scholars:
“Was Mark Framed?: Killing the Messenger in Mark's Tragedy"
Also a judge for the undergraduate paper competition

11.10.10: Lexington, KY - Embrace Church, Alpha Meeting: “About the Bible"

11.20-23: Atlanta, GA – Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature: “Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting a Ph.D.” (Simply chairing the panel for this session)

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