Spring Semester Books (Total = +30)

This spring semester, I'm taking 4 courses (12 credit hours). As I look at my syllabi, I'm a bit overwhelmed already. Here's the list of my 30+ "Required Textbooks" for each class, yes, you read that correctly, 30+ "Required Textbooks"!!! Not only is that a lot of reading, that's a lot of money! Thankfully, I already owned some of these items. Anyway, here they are, arranged by course:

Advanced Greek: Readings in the LXX

* Rahlfs, Alfred. Septuaginta.
* Lust, J.A. Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint.
* Jobes, Karen H. & Moises Silva. Invitation to the Septuagint.
* May, Herbert and Bruce Metzger, eds. The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha. Revised Standard Version.
* Conybeare, F.C. and St. George Stock. Grammar of Septuagint Greek: With Selected Readings, Vocabularies, and Updated Indexes.
* Wallace, Daniel B. Greek Beyond the Basics: an Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament.


* Jastrow, Marcus. A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature.
* Johns, Alger F. A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic. Revised ed.
* Jumper, James N. An Annotated Answer Key to Alger Johns's A Short Grammar of Biblical Aramaic.
* Sperber, A. The Bible in Aramaic Based on Old Manuscripts and Printed Texts.
* Stevenson, William B. Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic.

NT Research Methods:

* Alexander, Patrick H. The SBL Handbook of Style for Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Christian Studies.
* Booth, Wayne C., Gregory G. Colomb, and Joseph M. Williams, The Craft of Research, Third Edition
* Robbins, Vernon K. Exploring the Texture of Texts: A Guide to Socio-Rhetorical Interpretation.
* Aland, Kurt and Barbara Aland. The Text of the New Testament. 2nd ed.
* Deissmann, Adolf. Light from the Ancient East: The New Testament Illustrated by Recently Discovered Texts of the Graeco-Roman World. Rev. Ed.
* Cotterell, Peter and Max Turner. Linguistics & Biblical Interpretation.
* Bauer, David R. and Robert A. Traina, Inductive Bible Study
* Resseguie, James L. Narrative Criticism of the New Testament: An Introduction.
* Rohrbaugh, Richard, ed. The Social Sciences and New Testament Interpretation.
* Klauck, H.J. Ancient Letters and the New Testament.
* Fran├žois Vouga, “Zur rhetorischen Gattung des Galaterbriefes,” ZNW 79 (1988): 291–92.
* k. Vos, Johan. “Sophistische Argumentation im Romerbrief des Apostels Paulus,” NovT 43 (2001): 224-44.
* Murphy, James J. et al., A Synoptic History of Classical Rhetoric. 3rd ed.
* Hays, Richard B. Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul.
* The Essential IVP Reference Collection. Version 2 or 3.

Exegesis of Mark:

* Witherington, Ben. The Gospel of Mark, A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary.
* Marcus, Joel. The Gospel of Mark 1-8 and * The Gospel of Mark 9-16.
* France, R.T. The Gospel of Mark (NICGT)
* Witherington, Ben and Ann Witherington, Roman Numerals.
* Bryan, Christopher. A Preface to Mark. Notes on the Gospel in its Cultural and Literary Setting.

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