Church To Rebuild Burned Jesus Statue

That's the news from Solid Rock Church out of Monroe, OH. Yep, that's right, they plan to rebuild the statue and fork over the $700,000+ to do it. What a shame! As one who will be heading to Ethiopia in 2 weeks and am struggling to raise $2,000 to go teach pastors and students and to serve orphans, this is a travesty! Shame on this hedonistic and fatalistic theology that the church is espousing. One of the ministers at Solid Rock, Pastor Hooks commented on the statue saying, "We don’t know the mind of God, but I say God’s hand is in everything and everything happens for a reason...The first Jesus was resurrected in three days. It's going to take us a little longer than three days but he (the statue) will be back. He's like the Terminator. He's coming back." After church leaders vowed Tuesday to rebuild, one pastor, Darlene Bishop said, "It’s such a monument. It’s like people know Monroe by the statue of Jesus. It’s important that we rebuild." A non-pastor, Paul Wright, 21 of Oxford, OH, remarked, "I think it’s a sign of the end of the world,” said Paul Wright, 21, of Oxford. If lightning is going to strike God, then there’s no hope."

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