Getting (Theological) French, Pt. 6: French Summary

Here is a great little 4-page summary for those studying (Theological) French. Put together by one of my classmates and friends, Ryan Juza, this aid covers verbs, verb endings, compound verbs, conjunctions, interrogatives, pronouns, prepositions, relative clause formation, uses of Que, irregular verbs and impersonals. The best part (other than the fact that its yours free!!!): It's all done within 4 pages!!! Anyway, check it out and when you're done, if you haven't already, look at the 5 parts of my "Getting Theological French" notes in the table below. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the launch of the "Getting (Theological) French" website!

+ Link: "Getting (Theological) French, Pt. 1"
+ Link: "Getting (Theological) French, Pt. 3"
+ Link: "Getting (Theological) French, Pt. 5"
+ Link: "Getting (Theological) French, Pt. 2"
+ Link: "Getting (Theological) French, Pt. 4"

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