From Addis With Love

Here are some shots (pix and videos) from Ethiopia. Internet is quite spotty and slow, so, it takes quite a bit of effort to get even these few things posted. Anyway, you will see here some shots from worship at Beza (Redemption) International Church at the morning English service as well as a gathering I attended with a number of missionaries. Despite what some locals might lead people to believe, there are lots of God-loving, Spirit-filled, established missionaries here (especially in the Korah area!!!), who have been doing great work for a long time. Many of them serve through CMF International and together, they have nearly 60 years of field experience in Addis alone. I hope to highlight some of these folks and their work when I get the opportunity. I have learned more from these folks in 2 days than over the last 7 months as a whole. I hope as you all get to know them, you may have a desire to come minister alongside them or to even sponsor them. Also, I begin teaching at the seminary / theological college tonight and am very excited. Anyway, I will try to post and share stuff as often as I am able. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and thanks to everyone who has a heart to serve the people of Ethiopia.

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