Oh Africa

So, here are some more pix from my trot out to the Ethiopian Highlands. This was my first trip outside the city and I must say, it was amazing. I chased monkeys (video to come later!), saw waterfalls, hiked for about 5 hours, ministered to people, built relationships and so much more. It was truly amazing. I just wish my wife could've been with me. Tomorrow I will attend church and HelpKorah will give out about 100 pairs of shoes. Then, I will do more home visits after that. Another big day (Sunday) tomorrow. Anyway, here are some pix. Enjoy and again, thanks to everyone who has supported me!!! Your reach has gone a million times further than even I could've expected!!! (To see the picture, click on it once. To zoom back out, click once more. To move from one pic to the next, use the arrow keys (up, down, left, right) on your keyobard.)

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