Clark Pinnock's Death

It was sad news to hear that one of the theologians who I have found myself in much agreement with over the years has passed away, namely, Clark Pinnock. Clark was, at times, a controversial figure. He was a pioneer in the Open Theism movement and was very interested in hermeneutics. I met him 3 years ago in Cincinnati at a conference and loved the way he presented himself and conducted the Q&A sessions that he was part of. He was a tall guy, brilliant and funny and a guy who often felt ousted by those who owned fundamentalist brands of American Christianity. Regardless, it was clear to me that Clark loved Jesus Christ and that he was very in-tune with God's Spirit; he was a Spirit-filled man! Though Clark and I did not know one another on a personal level, through his books, articles and presentations, I can honestly say that he was one Christian thinker who helped me not only find my own voice, but not be afraid to use it. In the wake of this theological icon's death, along with Greg Boyd, we ask for some thoughts and prayers on behalf of his family. May the presence of the Triune God that Clark loved so much, be present in the family's times of grieving Clark's loss. Amen.

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