"AMESEGANALO!" (Thank You)

I know I've said it several times already but I really just wanted to take the time to thank everyone, once again, for all the support and encourage -ment you've shown me over the last few months. Starting with my wife, who made so many sacrifices so that I could travel to Ethiopia, I say "Thank you!" Next, the great folks at my local Church who supported me, "Thank you!" To all those who donated funds, I am incredibly grateful. Quite a few people whom I've never even met face-to-face stepped-up to give me financial backing. The reach of your dollars and mine went farther in advancing the Kingdom than probably most of us will ever know! So, "Thank you!" To everyone who kept up with my blog, checked on my family while I was away, sent notes of encouragement via email and Facebook, "Thank You." I have a million stories I could share but as I am trying to readjust to life here and to process everything, I really would like to share some of those stories later. For now, read some of the previous posts and look at the hundreds of pictures I have posted. Also, I preached a sermon yesterday wherein I share several stories, so, be sure to check that out. Of course, I want to thank God, too. I wish to thank him for his presence and love and his mercies and graces that were made new to me every day I was away from those closest to me here. "Thank you, God." I plan to lead a team back to Addis next summer (their rainy season). I'm very excited about this and cannot wait to see what will come of it. Anyway, once again. "Thank You all for supporting me, it means so much! And on behalf of the people of Mekanisa and Korah, I extend these thanks too." As they say in Ethiopia in Amharic, "Ameseganalo!"

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