Free Commentaries: 25,000+ Pages

That's right, College Press has decided to post their entire commentary series free, online. Together, this is over 25,000 pages of research, exegesis and theology. While this certainly isn't the best commentary series on the market, it also isn't something to be totally looked over. Some of my former professors have written in this series and honestly, several of the volumes contain good work. Regardless, they're all free now! The only bad part about downloading these over at the College Press site is that it takes FOREVER; the download time (even with DSL, broadband, etc.) is quite slow. It took me over an hour and a half to download all of these works, plus, clicking one download link for each                                                                              book was not very fun.

So, to spare you all the trouble, I have put all of the books in 1 folder, which I split into 7 downloads. This means that compared to about 70 downloads you now only have to download 7 things. Before you download, however, do the following: 1) Create a folder on your desktop to save the files in, 2) Click the links to download and save the files in the created folder, 3) Once all 7 files are download, highlight them all and right-click, then unzip them all at once in the same folder. If you do not do steps 2 and 3 and save / unzip them to the same place, the pdfs will probably not work. Anyway, here's the contents and the links, enjoy:

* Old Testament Commentaries
* Old Testament Literature
* New Testament Commentaries
* New Testament Literature, History & Theology

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