The Help Korah Book

Today, I am incredibly pleased to announce the first ever, that's right, The FIRST EVER, Help Korah book! The title is Help Korah: Sketches & Stories, Poems & Prayers. Here's what the back cover of the book says:

"In this awe-inspiring book, founder of HelpKorah, Michael Halcomb, joins with his wife Kristi and friend Chris Van Allsburg, in helping transport you into the world of Ethiopia. From the eye-catching sketches to the words of every story, poem and prayer, readers will be inspired, challenged and moved. If you have ever been to Ethiopia, this book will surely bring back memories. If you have yet to travel to this historic African land, this work will not only give you a glimpse into one of the earth’s most fascinating places, but also help prepare you to go experience it for yourself.

If you enjoy this book, you will be eager to know that more projects are underway! Stay tuned for other great literary works from HelpKorah in the near future."

This book boasts over 100 pages of inspiring sketches, beautiful poems, heartfelt prayers and riveting stories. So, take a peek in side. Below is a simple, .pdf sample as well as a nice little flash version of the book that allows you to zoom in on pages, scroll pages, use an interactive table of contents, etc. (Note: It may take a moment to load, especially on slower browsers.)

We have created the book in numerous formats. So, you can buy Kindle or Nook-friendly versions, a flash or .pdf version or you can go with the beautiful softcover edition. You can purchase them here online by clicking the button below. Please, know that 100% of the proceeds go toward ministry efforts in Addis. I (Michael), my wife Kristi and our co-author Chris Van Allsburg will split the proceeds of each book 3 ways and allot those funds for travel to Ethiopia. In short, every cent given through the purchase of this book will help us accomplish work in Addis. So, in advance, we say "Thank You" for helping us and for supporting this cause and showing your love for the people of Korah.

The 1st Ever HelpKorah Book
Help Korah: Sketches & Stories, Poems & Prayers
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