Midwest SBL Paper Accepted

I just got word that my submission to the annual Midwest SBL meeting has been accepted. There, I will be presenting in the Gospels section and I will be building upon my previous work "Was Mark Framed? : Killing the Messenger in Mark’s Tragedy," 5th Annual Western Fellowship of Professors and Scholars, Manhattan, KS, October 8-9, 2010. The paper for Midwest that I am offering is titled: "Behold, I Send My Messenger" : The Content and Contour of Mark’s Tragedy. In April, I will take another approach to this topic when I present at a conference in Cincinnati, a paper titled "A Fine Tale Beautifully Told": Unmasking the Tragic Elements of Mark's Story. Additionally, I will be presenting at least 3 (but probably 4) other research papers at various conferences this spring, which means that this semester, I will have reached my 25th paper presentation. Needless to say, I'm up to my head in research and writing these days!

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