A Manifesto of Scared, Anti-Intellectual Christians

We believe that Christians should be :
* Dim lights in the world, uneducated and not knowing much
* Afraid of learning, scared of being challenged
* Circular reasoners, ready to ignore other views
* Closed-minded people, childish in faith
* Stunted in spiritual growth, rejecting deep truths
* Antagonistic toward studying, lazy and lackluster congregants
* Slim on wisdom, ignorant in theological disposition
* Unskilled arguers, incapable of coherent thoughts
* Unprepared to give a defense, stupid in season and out of season
* Haters of difficult matters, suckers of pop-theology's breasts
* Advocates of cheap grace, seizers of anything surfacy and easy
* Critics of exegesis, deniers of the command to love God with the whole mind
* Pseudo-pietists, rejectors of academics
* Pharisaic to the core, Philistine-like to the bone
* Belligerent about the Bible, arrogant about Jesus
* Sell-outs to culture, attention-whores
* Offended easily, ready to crucify the learned
* Politically charged, unmotivated to serve
* Fakers of sanctification, unwilling to give the Spirit more to work with
* Adopters of fads, globally and missionally inept
* Distorters of scripture, first-rate prooftexters
* Tamed in desire to learn, un-hungry churchgoers
* Hoarders of Bibles, biblical illiterates by choice
* Deaf to a word finely spoken, blind to the need for good thinkers
* Prone to take someone's word for it, grovelers over motivational speeches
* Desirers of everything but Bible reading skills, the problem with today's church

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