New Book On Sale Today!

I'm pleased to announce today that my newest book, Ποῦ Οἱ Σταφυλῖνοι  Εἰσιν; (Where Are The Carrots?) is on sale for $7.65 HERE at Amazon.com.  Ποῦ Οἱ Σταφυλῖνοι  Εἰσιν; is a short story written in Koine Greek by Dr. T. Michael W. Halcomb and some of his family members. The story revolves around two horses and their missing carrots. Where did the carrots go? Did someone take them? Read and/or listen this fun tale to find out!

This is the first story in the new διήγημα ἐν τῇ Κοινή διαλέκτῳ (A Story in Koine) series, which is part of the "Conversational Track" in GlossaHouse's "AGROS" curriculum suite.  In addition to the print version of the book a listen-along audio file is also available for purchase below.  The audio file contains a 6-year old female child  reading the story and also an adult male reading the story.  

In addition, there is a watch-along video (in an animated flip-book/page-turn style) of the book available for purchase below. Purchase the audio and video files together an save (see below)!

The print version of the book is sold separately from audio/video companion files. The print version can be purchased HERE (Amazon) or HERE.
Audio Only ($5.99)
Video Only ($7.99)
Audio + Video ($11.99)

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