Vick: Vicious or Victim? ***Entry Updated

A few days ago, Ben Witherington wrote a brief post on the situation surrounding Michael Vick. Click the following link to read Ben's article: Michael Vick's Mea Culpa. Witherington also provided a video link to ESPN where Vick is claiming to have "found Jesus," repented and turned to God. Check the video out by clicking the following link: Vick Vid. This is some interesting stuff; I hope his confession is heartfelt! Regardless, as Witherington noted, we should be praying for this guy.

***Update: Shortly after posting the link to this Michael Vick video, it was brought to my attention that Paris Hilton did something similar not long ago. I have posted a link to that video below. Have a look at the Vick vid and compare it to this one. I wonder, is Jesus simply a "reputation savior" to these celebrities? Let me know what you think: Hilton Finds God


  1. I can't tell you if they have legitimately found Jesus or not, because I have no contact with either person. However, I would have some questions for them that I would be interested in knowing the answer to:

    What exactly does "finding Jesus" mean to you Michael or Paris?

    How are you working your way through the biblical text?

    In what church community are you worshiping and being accountable to other Christian brothers and sisters as you discover more and more what it means to live a life fully committed to Jesus?

    If these questions cannot be answered in a tangible way then I guess we would know what "Jesus" they found.

  2. Excellent thoughts, Scott! I may have to use this in future discussions I have with people, excellent!