Where Did Your Blog Get Its Name?

John the Methodist over at Locusts & Honey, asked his readers in one of his recent posts "Where did your blog get its name?" Though I don't expect a tremendous response (I've noticed that since the fall semester has started, the blogging activity has been cut way back), I thought I might ask the same question to the readers of Pisteuomen, so: Where did your blog get its name? (Here's another chance for you to advertise your blog on my site!)


  1. You know, here at Disney World Theological Seminary, we don't learn fancy words like that.

  2. hahaha,
    boy did this get turned around.

    pisteuomen is a greek word that means "we believe." pisteuo would be "i believe" but i wanted my blog to be a place of community; a place that represented the "we" part of faith that is so often ignored in our society.

    pisteuomen is also at the beginning of the apostle's creed! so, there you go!