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As my frequent readers know, I've mentioned my friend Daren Wendell on here several times. Daren is an old college buddy and teammate who has started what is called "The Earth Expedition". Here's what "The Earth Expedition" is, in a nutshell: About 2 years ago, my friend, Daren, decided that he was going to sell everything he had and spend the next 7 years of his life walking the world to raise awareness of the blood and water crises in Africa. Last week, Daren completed the American leg of the expedition (YES! HE WALKED FROM ONE END OF THE UNITED STATES TO THE OTHER!!! IN LESS THAN 13 MONTHS MIND YOU).

Now, the European leg of the Expedition is about to begin and his partner will start that leg. Daren and his partner do not get paid for this. They live off of money that they saved up before the Expedition began and from the personal items that they sold (every cent they raise on the Expedition, over $20,000 so far, goes to help end the blood and water crises in Africa; they get none of it). All that said, here's what I'm asking you to do: With the click of your mouse, you can help them win $10,000 from MySpace.

Here's the organization that Daren & others, like Jars of Clay, have teamed up with:

Blood:Water Mission Introduction

Here's the deal, Daren sent me this message yesterday:

"We made it! PLEASE vote for us today and help us win the MySpace Impact Awards, which you can read more about by clicking the link.
(Click the banner/icon to vote)

"So, yes, thanks to all of you, we made it into the top 3 finalists of the Myspace Impact Awards! Now we need you more than ever! Simply click on the the link provided and cast your vote for The Earth Expedition to win the $10,000 award! Not only will we win the funds but this will also show the world what an impact The Earth Expedition is having. Voting only lasts from now until Wednesday at 11:59am and you can only vote once per day per MySpace account. So, please, repost this voting plea to all your MySpace (and Facebook and Blog) friends.

"This donation and media exposure will do so much to assist us with launching our message with the European Leg of The Earth Expedition and our clean water projects in Zambia this year! Please, help us win this thing. In advance: Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

In closing, I just want to congratulate Daren and the Team on completing the American leg of the expedition. As one who is about to be the proud parent of a son from Ethiopia and who knows firsthand of all of the struggles there with blood and water issues, I would just look to re-encourage you to vote. Please, help make this happen! Tell everyone you know the good news so we can make this dream a reality. Thank you!