The Gospel of Mark in Greek

This above image is a photo representation I created of the vocabulary of The Gospel of Mark. The larger the word, the more it is used (e.g. "kai" is used significantly more than any other word and that's why it's the largest) and the smaller the word, the less it is used. The text is based on NA27 / UBS4.

Also, here is a link to a .pdf version of Mark's Gospel that I created. This version is different from others in that it is the Greek text with no headings/subheadings or verse/chapter numbers: The Gospel of Mark In Greek.


  1. I can't see how large εὐθύς is.

  2. yeah, it's quite small but it's right under "kai" near the bottom of the image.

  3. Hi Michael,

    My Mark study is on hold while I reflect on the question of historicity during Lent. However, I will get back to it soon. Have redesigned my website to reflect Bible study reflections and resources.

    Anyway, can I steal (I mean borrow) the image to use as a header image on my main Mark page? Of course with attribution.

    Interested to note where you might be studying this fall? Alwys welcome in Atlanta.


  4. John,
    Great to hear from you buddy. Is you site address still the same? And yes, feel free to use the image (thanks for asking). I'll be posting where I'm going to be studying within the next week, I think. Blessings!