...So That Others May Live

I've mentioned my friend Daren Wendell on here a number of times before. If you've missed those previous posts or are a new reader of Pisteuomen, Daren and I went to college together and were also soccer teammates. About a year ago, Daren decided to start-up what he calls "The Earth Expedition". In a nutshell, Daren walks 20-30 miles a day to raise money and awareness for the blood & water crises in Africa. He has raised upwards of twenty thousand dollars so far and as The Expedition continues, I'm sure that will be a drop in the bucket compared to what he will eventually raise. Anyway, a documentary about Daren and his Expedition is underway and I'm excited to see it in its entirety. He has whet our tastebuds, though, with the short video below. Give this video a watch and check out some of the stunning, beautiful scenery. If the rest of the documentary is as inspiring as this 6 minutes, it will be a great movie indeed!

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