NT Polyglot Receiving Praise

Only a couple of months ago, I and one of my mentors, Dr. Fred Long, published our first volume (of at least 5 volumes) in our Hexapla series.  You can see samples at www.NTPolyglot.com.  That first volume, our Polyglot on Luke-Acts has started receiving some great reviews.  You can read a review by Matthew Montonini HERE, by Dr. John Byron HERE and by Dr. Nijay Gupta HERE.  In all of the reviews, the common praise is that this series provides readers of the NT with a wonderful way of keeping up with their theological languages.  So, if you still haven't picked up your copy, I would highly encourage you to do so.  In fact, we have decided to keep the discount code open for just a little while longer, which gives you 20% off when you purchase the book HERE.  Here's the link to that code:  Polyglot Discount Code.  

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