The Advent King: A Christmas Rap

qrcodeYesterday at church, someone asked me if I'd lead our class in some Christmas carols in the coming weeks. So, today, I practiced a little by breaking out my guitar (and voice) for the first time in months (years actually). After singing a few Christmas carols, I got in a musical mood; I got an itch to write a song. So, I whipped up a hip hop beat, wrote out some lyrics, put them together and below is the recorded, finished product. It is an Advent rap, which of course, is meant to kick off the Advent season. If you're feeling generous this holiday season, you can pick up the app format by scanning the QR Code just to the left or by clicking HERE for the Android Market. Click HERE for my other Android apps.  Feel free to share it (but do not modify it without my consent). Check it out below. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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