The Jesus Many Want (Or Have Created)

This is the Jesus that many people across the world lust after. This is the Jesus who not only is okay with war but sanctions it as long as it is fought by someone who calls themselves a Christian. This is the Jesus that, if the real Jesus returned, would either not recognize or may find as his complete antithesis. This is the Jesus whose Sermon on the Mount (and he's on a Mount, because he has fought his way to the top, trampling everyone else below him) has become:

Blessed are the warmongers, for they shall inherit every oil rig.
Blessed are those strapped with guns and missiles, for they shall rule this earth.
Blessed are those who devastate nations, for they will be feared.
Blessed are those who have the biggest military, for God will most certainly be on their side then.
Blessed are those who train for war, for they will outlast the rest.
Blessed are those aggressive, for they will get to lord their power over others.
Blessed are those who fight in my name, for their acts will be overlooked.
Blessed are those who send their children into battle, they shall receive public honor.
Blessed are those who lay down their crosses for artillery, they shall attain might.
Blessed are those who hate their enemies, for they knew better than the real Jesus.
Blessed are those who sacralize violence, for they will be in the clear.
The list could go on...

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