Put Gays To Death? Did He Really Say That?

Over the last few days a video has gone viral of a preacher from North Carolina delivering a sermon.  Many are in an outrage about this video, and several Christian bloggers have even attempted to create a platform to call him to repentance.  The claim, especially as it relates to the title of the video, is: "Local Pastors Calls for Death of 'Queers & Homosexuals.'"  But did he really say that?

You see, the problem with all of this is that he NEVER said that!  Not once!  He didn't even hint at that!  Yet, people see the headline, think it's true, repost it, and more vitriol towards Christianity spreads.  That's the power of what mixing social media with a skewed headline can do.  I myself have reposted the video below, so that you can actually watch it for yourself (indeed, many who are sharing and reposting it have not actually watched it).

What the preacher says is that if we were to separate straight people from homosexual people, we could easily see that homosexuality is unnatural.  How?  Well, the homosexual population would die off because they cannot reproduce.   And really, is this not true?  I have yet to hear of a homosexual who can reproduce or give birth.  That is the guy's point.  Watch for yourself:

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